ASCOT STONE SOUTH COAST                  PRODUCT SIZE Oxide (per kg) Various colours Ascot Kerb 700 mm x 140 mm x 130 mm Biscuit Cladding (per sqm) Various sizes

High strength cast concrete products in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, designed for use in residential, commercial and landscaping applications. Only quality materials are used with the tested proportions of cement, aggregate and oxide etc. t

TEXTURES A non-slip texture is integrated into the surface of all our Pavers, Flagstones and Tiles. COLOURS             Standard Colours Cement             &n

We incorporate oxide pigments in high saturations during production ensuring even colour distribution all the way through the product. Initial fading occurs only during the early days of the curing process. Subtle tone variations between the paver

Refer to the recommendations specified by the architect, project manager or contractor. The method of installation depends on whether the area is to be used for pedestrians or vehicle traffic. 40mm thick pavers can be installed over concrete, crus

Depending on the paver colour, quantity and type, availability is generally within one or two weeks of order placement. Lead times can vary from time to time depending on demand and colour ordered. Contact us for stock availability.

Our quoted prices are for collection only. However, we can arrange delivery for you at an additional charge. Deliveries are kerbside unless otherwise agreed. Inspection of the product is the responsibility of the customer and/or contractor prior t

Pallet deposit is refundable upon the return of the pallet to Ascot Stone South Coast by the customer or contracor. COMMERCIAL TERMS A standard fifty percent deposit is required at time of order placement. The difference is payable prior to or

 We are excited that we can offer a new credit option to our clients. Credit is available up to the amount of R 100,000.00 for qualifying customers. The application process is quick & easy and NO DEPOSIT is  required. All you need
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